The Writer’s Corner provides how-to tips for aspiring writers including resources and websites for writing conferences and numerous benefits of journaling.

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Excellent Writers’ Conferences
  • Why Journal?
  • The Many Faces of Journaling
  • Available Resources

Here you will find samples of my published work including creative non-fiction, Treasures Forever– spotlighting the value of friends either far or near, and It’s Never Too Late for Mothers and Daughters to Connect, plus a variety of poems and devotionals.
Bio: Teresa K. Lasher, Freelance Author & Speaker

I am a freelance writer and speaker living in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my high-school sweetheart husband. We have two grown children and four precious grandchildren. I enjoy writing creative non-fiction works about our travels on a boat or motorcycle, memoirs, poetry, and devotionals. When walking outdoors in nature’s beauty, I receive much inspiration. My current project is a devotional book compilation sharing areas of proper self-care and lessons learned after surviving brain surgery.

Published work appearances can be found in:

Internet Café Devotions – The Cheerful Heart and Courage vs. Cowardice
Rider, article entitled, “U.P. from the Back Seat”
Sailing, the Beauty of Sail
Women’s Lifestyle   –   ARTICLES
Thunder Roads of Michigan
War Cry(Salvation Army magazine)
I communicate my love of journaling to writers’ groups, MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers), and Salvation Army corps officers. I also speak to Bible study groups about proper self-care and lessons learned after surviving brain surgery.