Writers Checklist

So, you say you want to be a Writer…

Do you really want to be a Writer?

How many of the items below can you check off?
Consider the checklist points below which build your platform as a Writer:

Are you able to say without hesitancy if someone asks what you do…I AM A WRITER!

Are you an avid reader? Do you consistently read many different genres, even if you don’t prefer to read or write that genre?

Are you a participating, regular member of a writers’ group?

Time. Do you invest XX amount of hours per week/day to the craft of writing? This personal goal will vary from individual to individual.

Are you working on building you bio? Do you have published works to list? This way you build your credentials and creditability. Business cards. Do you carry a supply of them with you at all times? They should be printed with appropriate contact info such as email address, mailing address, what you specialize in, and (possibly) professionally done photograph of you.

Facebook presence. Are you gathering names and contact info from other authors, publishers, endorsers?

Blog. Do you maintain and regularly post on your own blog? Do you regularly post valid comments on other blogs of interest to you while citing your own blog address?

Database of names. Are you gathering a database of names and contact info in preparation for your announcement of your first book ready for distribution?

Speaking Engagements. Are you well known at clubs, churches, and other organizations – enough to speak and let others know of your upcoming/published book?

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